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Nano?Alumina?Oxide?Powder Series

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                                                Nano Alumina Oxide Powder Series 

Nano Alumina Oxide Powder Series
Item NO. Appearance Crystal type APS Assay(wt)% BET(m2/g) Application
6N high pure Nano Alumina
Elt-NAI800 White Powder Alpha 0.8um 99.9999 4-10 Laser crystal
Elt-NAI200 White Powder Alpha 5-10um 99.9999 3-6 PTFE
5N high pure Nano Alumina
Elt-NAITT5 White Powder Alpha 0.3um 99.999 6-10 Metal Halide Lamp,
 transparent ceramic, 
target materials
Elt-NAI30G White Powder Alpha 0.5um 99.999 5-10 Li-battery
Elt-NAITT5Y White Powder Gamma 1-5um 99.999  20-30 Fire materials, 
polycrystalline material
Elt-NAI100 White Powder Alpha 0.2-3 99.999 1-5 Sapphire crystal growth
4N high pure Nano Alumina(Alpha)
Elt-NAlL30 White Powder Alpha 30nm 99.99 10-30 Improve the reinforcing 
and toughing, reduce the 
sintering temperature of the ceramic.
Elt-NAlL30J White Powder Alpha 30nm 99.99 10-20 Polyimide insulation film,
Polyester additives
Elt-NAlTT White Powder Alpha 0.3-0.6 99.99 6-10 Transparent Ceramics board, 
High Pressure Sodium
Elt-ANIL150 White Powder Alpha 150nm 99.99 10-15 Polishing, plastic, rubber, ceramic,
Elt-NAlL300 White Powder Alpha 300nm 99.99 6-15 coating,ceramic
Elt-NAlL500 White Powder Alpha 500nm 99.99 2-6 Li-battery electrode coating
4N high pure Nano Alumina(Gamma)
Elt-NAlL10Y White Powder Gamma 10nm 99.99 180-220 Catalyst;Phosphor powder binder
Elt-NAlL20Y White Powder Gamma 20nm 99.99 150-200 Catalyst, artificial gemstone
Elt-NAlL50Y White Powder Gamma 50nm 99.99 100-150 Catalyst,ceramic,coating
EltNAI04 White Powder Gamma 5nm 99.99 200-300 Used for Catalytic


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