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Monofilament Pp Polypropylene Microfiber Fiber for Concrete Reinforcement

Monofilament pp Polypropylene Fiber for concrete reinforcement as anti-cracking agent Prevent concrete or mortar split and crackle expansion Increase impact resistance and peeling resistance
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Monofilament pp Polypropylene Fiber for concrete reinforcement


pp Polypropylene Fiber  Description:

EltFiber-PPMN monofilament pp fiber was produced by referring foreign advanced technology for fiber spinning,
modified by adding functional additive and special surface-treating. 

Mixing into cement concrete, it has many advantages such as good dispersing, better water affinity, strong linking force.
It is suited to
reinforce and crack-resist to every kinds of cement concrete and mortar,
specially used in engineering of building surface, floor, wall etc.


1-Introduction (1)

Typical physical properties:

1, Polypropylene Fiber Functions:
   A. Resist to shrink & crack              
   B. Increase seepage resistance

   C. Increase friction resistance  

   D. Increase freezing & thawing resistance

   E. Improve tendons protection         
   F. Replace steel net (using in plastering)

   G. Prevent mortar split and crackle expansion
   H. Increase impact resistance and peeling resistance

2, PP polypropylene Fiber Features:

A). No agglomeration and easily spread around in mortar or concrete.
      Guarantee the property of crack resistance effectively

B). Apply conveniently. No need to change the proportion of mortar,
      and just put the fibers into the mortar mixture and stir for a moment after adding water.


1-Introduction (2)

C). Has fine economic property. The equivalent dia. of polypropylene monofilament is only φ 0.02mm,
      so the ratio of dia. And surface is high and on the basis of crack resistance,
      it can reduce the amount (0.6kg/m 3 ) and cut down the cost effectively.

D). Be better to plaster. Because a great number of thin fibers spread into mortar evenly,
      so the plastering is much easier and this can improve the binding strength between surface and base.

E). The fiber has stable chemical property, strong acid &alkali resistance,
      and can be used in any engineering projects.


pp Polypropylene Fiber  Brief specification:

Raw Material :

100% virgin Polypropylene

Crack Elongation:


Fiber Type :


Fiber Diameter:


Melting Point (C Deg.) :

160 - 170

Density(g/cm3) :


Acid &Alkali Resistance :


Tensile Strength(MPa):

450 min.



times of 4mm or 6mm with 1mm more or less

water absorbency :



pp Polypropylene Fiber Applications:

    A). suit for the waterproof layer, floor, inner & outer wall of industrial and civil construction.
    B). Increase cracking resistance on the surface of industrial workshop, warehouse and parking lot.

    C). Increase cracking & seepage resistance of the ground in natatorium, swimming pool, pond and ditch.
    D). Suit for any mortar projects and common concrete projects.
    E). Highway, bridge and other roads.


pp Polypropylene Fiber Applying Instruction:

A). Dosage: for resist the common cracks on surfaces, 0.9kg/m3 fibers to cement mortar
     Is enough, and for increasing reinforce and seepage resist application 1.8kg/m3 is enough.

B). Stirring requirement: The proportion of cement, sand and aggregate is no
     need to be changed. Put cement, aggregate, additive and fiber together, then stir after
     adding enough water and time for stirring can be prolonged for 2~3 minutes in order to
     make the compound mix completely. Also it can be mixed with cement and other
     aggregates in advance, stirring by adding water at worksite before construction.

Our mainly concrete fiber :


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