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You are here: 升博体育官网 / Product Category / Silanes / Amino Functional Silane / 3-aminopropyl methyldiethoxysilane
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  • elite-indus
  • ELT-S902
  • 3179-76-8
  • 221-660-8
  • 95%min
  • 1000kgs
  • Colorless transparent liquid
  • Fabric and fiberglass
  • Filler and adhesion promoter
  • Painting
Silane Coupling Agent ELT-S902

Chemical Name: 3-Aminopropylmethyldiethoxysilane
Formula: C8H21NO2Si

Similar to: Dow Corning Z-6015,ShinEtsu KBE-902,Momentive A-2100,Evonik Dynasylan 1505
It is Colorless transparent liquid.
Typical physical properties:

CAS NO. 3179-76-8
Purity, % 95%min
Molecular weight 191.34
Boiling Point 85-88oC
PH value  6-7
Density(ρ20)g/cm3 0.916
Refractive Index(n25D) 1.426
Potential Applications: 
Used as an additive in cold-curing phenolic and furan foundry resins to improve the flexural strength
Of sand/resin elements with very long shelf life of the resins.
As additive to phenolic resin binders-mineral filled composites:for pretreatment of fillers and pigments or as additive-synthesis of functional silicones(amino-silicone oil for textile auxiliary.)

Packing & storage: 
1, painted Iron drum or plastic drum , net weight 200Kg each, 1000kg per IBC
2, Sealed well, store in a cool, dry place. Avoid light,heat and moisture.


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